Muscle fiber and fresh meat characteristics of white-striping chicken breasts, and its effects on palatability of sous-vide cooked meat

Boin Lee, Chun Ho Park, Changsu Kong, Young Soon Kim, Young Min Choi

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The aim of this study was to compare the histochemical and meat quality characteristics between the normal and white-striping (WS) pectoralis major muscles. Additionally, this study investigated the effects of oven cooking (OV) and sous-vide (SV) cooking methods on objective texture parameters and sensory quality characteristics of the normal and WS chicken breast meats. Results showed that the WS condition broilers had higher body and breast weights (P < 0.001), and a greater area of muscle fiber than the normal broilers (P < 0.001). The WS fresh fillets exhibited a lower preference of visual appearance compared to the normal fillets (P < 0.05), although no differences were detected in the characteristics of meat quality between the groups (P > 0.05). After cooking, there was greater cooking loss, Warner-Bratzler shear force, and texture parameter analysis-hardness values for breast fillets cooked by OV treatment at 180°C for reached core temperature to 71°C compared to the fillets cooked by SV treatment at 60°C for 2 h (P < 0.05), whereas the normal and WS groups were exhibited similar values within each cooking methods (P > 0.05). Regarding sensory quality characteristics, WS breast fillets cooked by SV (SV+WS) were rated as tenderer and juicier, and given a higher overall acceptability score compared to normal and WS fillets cooked by OV (P < 0.05). However, owing to a lesser developed flavor in SV+WS fillets, the panelists assigned a lower overall acceptability rating in these fillets compared to SV+Normal fillets (P < 0.05). Overall, the SV cooking can be an effective method for improving the sensory quality characteristics of WS and normal chicken breast.

Original languageEnglish
Article number101177
JournalPoultry Science
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - 2021 Jul

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This research was supported by the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF-2020R1A2C1010756).

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  • meat quality
  • muscle fiber
  • sensory quality
  • sous-vide
  • white-striping chicken

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