Mutations in Chromatin Modifier and Ephrin Signaling Genes in Vein of Galen Malformation

Daniel Duran, Xue Zeng, Sheng Chih Jin, Jungmin Choi, Carol Nelson-Williams, Bogdan Yatsula, Jonathan Gaillard, Charuta Gavankar Furey, Qiongshi Lu, Andrew T. Timberlake, Weilai Dong, Michelle A. Sorscher, Erin Loring, Jennifer Klein, August Allocco, Ava Hunt, Sierra Conine, Jason K. Karimy, Mark W. Youngblood, Jinwei ZhangMichael L. DiLuna, Charles C. Matouk, Shrikant Mane, Irina R. Tikhonova, Christopher Castaldi, Francesc López-Giráldez, James Knight, Shozeb Haider, Mariya Soban, Seth L. Alper, Masaki Komiyama, Andrew F. Ducruet, Joseph M. Zabramski, Alan Dardik, Brian P. Walcott, Christopher J. Stapleton, Beverly Aagaard-Kienitz, Georges Rodesch, Eric Jackson, Edward R. Smith, Darren B. Orbach, Alejandro Berenstein, Kaya Bilguvar, Miikka Vikkula, Murat Gunel, Richard P. Lifton, Kristopher T. Kahle

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Normal vascular development includes the formation and specification of arteries, veins, and intervening capillaries. Vein of Galen malformations (VOGMs) are among the most common and severe neonatal brain arterio-venous malformations, shunting arterial blood into the brain's deep venous system through aberrant direct connections. Exome sequencing of 55 VOGM probands, including 52 parent-offspring trios, revealed enrichment of rare damaging de novo mutations in chromatin modifier genes that play essential roles in brain and vascular development. Other VOGM probands harbored rare inherited damaging mutations in Ephrin signaling genes, including a genome-wide significant mutation burden in EPHB4. Inherited mutations showed incomplete penetrance and variable expressivity, with mutation carriers often exhibiting cutaneous vascular abnormalities, suggesting a two-hit mechanism. The identified mutations collectively account for ∼30% of studied VOGM cases. These findings provide insight into disease biology and may have clinical implications for risk assessment.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)429-443.e4
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2019 Feb 6
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  • EPHB4
  • Vein of Galen malformation
  • arterio-venous malformation
  • chromatin modifier
  • de novo mutations
  • ephrin signaling
  • pediatric neurosurgery
  • whole exome sequencing

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