Nano-particle emission characteristics of European and Worldwide Harmonized test cycles for heavy-duty diesel engines

C. L. Myung, J. Kim, S. Kwon, K. Choi, A. Ko, S. Park

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This study was conducted for the experimental comparison of particulate emission characteristics between the European and World-Harmonized test cycles for a heavy-duty diesel engine as part of the UN/ECE PMP ILCE of the Korea Particulate Measurement Program. To verify the particulate mass and particle number concentrations from various operating modes, ETC/ESC and WHTC/WHSC, were evaluated. Both will be enacted in Euro VI emission legislation. The real-time particle emissions from a Mercedes OM501 heavy-duty golden engine with a catalyst based uncoated golden DPF were measured with CPC and DMS during daily test protocol. Real-time particle formation of the transient cycles ETC and WHTC were strongly correlated with engine operating conditions and after-treatment device temperature. The higher particle number concentration during the ESC #7 to #10 mode was ascribed to passive DPF regeneration and the thermal release of low volatile particles at high exhaust temperature conditions. The detailed average particle number concentration equipped for golden DPF reached approximately 4.783E+11 #/kWh (weighted WHTC), 6.087E+10 #/kWh (WHSC), 4.596E+10 #/kWh (ETC), and 3.389E+12 #/kWh (ESC). Particle masses ranged from 0.0011 g/kWh (WHSC) to 0.0031 g/kWh (ESC). The particle number concentration and mass reduction of DPF reached about 99%, except for an ESC with a reduction of 95%.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)331-337
Number of pages7
JournalInternational Journal of Automotive Technology
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2011 Jun

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT−This study was supported by ECO-STAR project, KPMP, and Korea University Grant.

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  • Condensation particle counter
  • Diesel particulate filter
  • Differential mobility spectrometer
  • European cycles
  • Nano-particles
  • Worldwide harmonized test cycles

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