D. Schropp, D. Cho, T. Vold, E. A. Hinds

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The first results are announced from a molecular beam experiment on the polar molecule TIF, searching for a P and T violating interaction of the general form H//e//f//f equals d sigma multiplied by lambda , where sigma is a unit angular momentum, lambda is a unit polar vector, and d characterizes the strength of the interaction. In this case sigma and lambda lie along the TI nuclear spin direction and the internuclear axis, respectively. An external electric field E is applied along the sigma direction to polarize the molecule so that sigma multiplied by lambda does not equal 0. So far, the experiment has yielded a null result with substantially smaller uncertainty than any previous work. Interpretation of the limit on d leads to limits on the possible values of the proton electric dipole moment the thallium nuclear electric dipole moment, and the weak electron-nucleon tensor coupling C// tau .

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Publication statusPublished - 1987
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