Novel quantized fuzzy adaptive design for nonlinear systems with sliding mode technique

Liheng Chen, Yanzheng Zhu, Choon Ki Ahn

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This article examines the fuzzy adaptive design and the sliding mode control issue for a class of quantized systems subject to input nonlinearities. We establish a new quantized adaptive fuzzy law to approximate unstructured uncertainties, which uses quantized state signals instead of the real states. Then, we propose using the sliding mode control method with static logarithmic quantizer to eliminate the effects of input nonlinearities. Using the developed control scheme, quantized errors are compensated efficiently, and the designed sliding surface’s reachability can be ascertained. Finally, we give a demonstrative example to verify the advantages and efficiency of the developed control approach.

Original languageEnglish
JournalNonlinear Dynamics
Publication statusPublished - 2019 Jan 1


  • Fuzzy logic systems (FLSs)
  • Input nonlinearities
  • Signal quantization
  • Sliding mode control

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  • Control and Systems Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Ocean Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Applied Mathematics
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