Observation of the Φ (1680) and the Y(2175) in e+e-→Φ π+π

C. P. Shen, C. Z. Yuan, P. Wang, X. L. Wang, I. Adachi, H. Aihara, K. Arinstein, V. Aulchenko, A. M. Bakich, E. Barberio, K. Belous, M. Bischofberger, A. Bondar, M. Bračko, T. E. Browder, P. Chang, A. Chen, B. G. Cheon, R. Chistov, I. S. ChoS. K. Choi, Y. Choi, J. Crnkovic, J. Dalseno, M. Danilov, M. Dash, W. Dungel, S. Eidelman, D. Epifanov, N. Gabyshev, A. Garmash, P. Goldenzweig, H. Ha, K. Hayasaka, H. Hayashii, Y. Horii, Y. Hoshi, W. S. Hou, H. J. Hyun, T. Iijima, K. Inami, A. Ishikawa, R. Itoh, M. Iwasaki, Y. Iwasaki, J. H. Kang, P. Kapusta, H. Kawai, T. Kawasaki, H. Kichimi, H. O. Kim, J. H. Kim, Y. I. Kim, Y. J. Kim, B. R. Ko, S. Korpar, M. Kreps, P. Križan, P. Krokovny, W. Kuehn, R. Kumar, A. Kuzmin, Y. J. Kwon, S. H. Kyeong, J. S. Lange, M. J. Lee, S. H. Lee, T. Lesiak, J. Li, A. Limosani, C. Liu, D. Liventsev, R. Louvot, F. Mandl, A. Matyja, S. McOnie, K. Miyabayashi, H. Miyata, Y. Nagasaka, E. Nakano, M. Nakao, S. Nishida, K. Nishimura, O. Nitoh, S. Ogawa, T. Ohshima, S. Okuno, S. L. Olsen, H. Ozaki, P. Pakhlov, G. Pakhlova, C. W. Park, H. Park, H. K. Park, L. E. Piilonen, A. Poluektov, H. Sahoo, K. Sakai, Y. Sakai, O. Schneider, C. Schwanda, K. Senyo, M. E. Sevior, V. Shebalin, J. G. Shiu, B. Shwartz, J. B. Singh, A. Sokolov, S. Stanič, M. Starič, T. Sumiyoshi, G. N. Taylor, Y. Teramoto, K. Trabelsi, S. Uehara, T. Uglov, Y. Unno, S. Uno, P. Urquijo, Y. Usov, G. Varner, K. Vervink, A. Vinokurova, C. H. Wang, M. Z. Wang, Y. Watanabe, R. Wedd, E. Won, B. D. Yabsley, Y. Yamashita, C. C. Zhang, Z. P. Zhang, V. Zhilich, V. Zhulanov, T. Zivko, A. Zupanc, O. Zyukova

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The cross sections for e+e-→Φ π+π- and e+e-→Φ f0(980) are measured from threshold to s=3.0GeV using initial-state radiation. The analysis is based on a data sample of 673fb-1 collected on and below the Υ(4S) resonance with the Belle detector at the KEKB asymmetric-energy e+e- collider. First measurements are reported for the resonance parameters of the Φ (1680) in the Φ π+π- mode: m=(1689±7±10)MeV/c2 and Γ=(211±14±19)MeV/c2. A structure at s=2.1GeV/c2, corresponding to the so called Y(2175), is observed; its mass and width are determined to be (2079±13-28+79)MeV/c2 and (192±23-61+25)MeV/c2, respectively.

Original languageEnglish
Article number031101
JournalPhysical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2009 Aug 4

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