Obstruction of the lacrimal system: Treatment with a covered, retrievable, expandable nitinol stent versus a lacrimal polyurethane stent

Gi Young Ko, Ho Young Song, Tae Seok Seo, Tae Hyung Kim, Kyu Bo Sung, Hyun Ki Yoon

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PURPOSE: To compare the clinical effectiveness of a covered nitinol stent with that of a polyurethane stent for treatment of lacrimal system obstructions. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A nitinol stent was knit from a single thread of 0.1 -mm nitinol wire in a tubular configuration and was covered by dipping the stent into a polyurethane solution. The stent was 4 mm in diameter and 30 or 35 mm long. With fluoroscopic guidance, a covered nitinol stent (n = 33, group A) or a polyurethane stent (n = 35, group B) was placed in 68 patients. The following items were evaluated retrospectively: technical success, procedure time, cumulative patency rate, and complications. An unpaired Student t test was used to analyze the difference between the procedure times. Kaplan-Meier survival curves and a logrank test were used to compare the cumulative patency rates. RESULTS: Stent placement was technically successful in 31 (94%) of 33 patients in group A and in all 35 (100%) patients in group B. After stent placement, all patients showed resolution of epiphora. Average procedure time was 400 seconds (range, 270-900 seconds) in group A and 260 seconds (range, 150-900 seconds) in group B. The difference between the procedure times was statistically significant (P = .0003). During the mean follow-up period of 40 months, there was recurrence of epiphora in 30 of 31 patients in group A and 26 of 35 patients in group B. The difference of the cumulative patency rates was statistically insignificant (P = .2). CONCLUSION: Although the polyurethane stent used for treatment seemed to be more effective than the nitinol stent, selection of these stents for placement should be made with caution, because the long-term patency rates are not encouraging.

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Publication statusPublished - 2003 Apr 1
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