One-step polymerization of aniline and its conducting blends in organic system

Bo Hyun Lee, Tae Young Kim, Jong Eun Kim, Kwang S. Suh

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Stable polyaniline-dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid (PANI-DBSA) fully dissolved in toluene was obtained by a direct one-step emulsion polymerization technique. The polymerization of aniline was carried out in an emulsion comprising water, toluene and DBSA acting both as a surfactant and a dopant for PANI. After the proper washing process was performed, the conductivity of obtained PANI-DBSA complex increased with increase APS/Aniline molar ratio and DBSA/Aniline molar ratio. The UV-Vis absorption spectra of PANI-DBSA complex also supported these results. PANI-DBSA/polymer (polystyrene and styrene-butadiene copolymer) blends were prepared by mixing PANI-DBSA complex with polymer in toluene. These blends exhibited relatively high conductivity of 10-2 S/cm at a low PANI-DBSA content (1-5 wt.%).


OtherProceedings of 2001 International Symp. on Electrical Insulating Materials (ISEIM 2001) / 2001 Asian Conf. on Electrical Insulation Diagnosis (ACEID 2001) / 33rd Symp. on Electrical and Electronic Insulating Materials and Applications in Systems

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