Oral UFT and leucovorin in patients with advanced gastric carcinoma

Yeul Hong Kim

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Thirty-nine patients with locally advanced or metastatic gastric carcinoma received oral UFT (tegafur and uracil) plus leucovorin. Treatment consisted of UFT 360 mg/m2/day plus leucovorin 25 mg/m2/day, given orally in divded daily doses for 21 days followed by a 7-day rest period. The median age of the patients was 64 years, and the median World Health Organization performance status was 2. Patients received a median of two courses of treatment (range, 1 to 25). Among 37 evaluable patients, two patients achieved a complete response, and eight had partial responses, for an overall response rate of 27% (95% confidence interval, 15.4% to 42.9%). Stable disease was reported in 12 patients (32%) and another 15 showed disease progression. The median duration of response was 30 weeks, and the median duration of survival was also 30 weeks (range, 8 to 111). All patients were evaluable for toxicity. Significant toxicity (World Health Organization grade 3 or 4) included diarrhea in seven patients (18%), oral mucositis in six (15%), and nausea/vomiting in six patients. We conclude that oral UFT plus leucovorin, an outpatient regimen, has favorable activity in patients with gastric carcinoma and has tolerable toxicities.

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Publication statusPublished - 1997

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