Photoluminescence characteristics of YAG:Tb phosphor particles with spherical morphology and non-aggregation

Y. C. Kang, I. W. Lenggoro, S. B. Park, K. Okuyama

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YAG:Tb particles with sphericity, fine size and non-aggregation characteristics were prepared by a spray pyrolysis process. The characteristics of prepared particles such as crystallinity, morphology, and photoluminescence were compared with those of commercial YAG:Tb phosphor particles. The prepared particles without using flux had higher crystallinity than that of the commercial products and maintained its sphericity and non-aggregation characteristics even after post-treatment at 1400°C for 5 h. The mean size of the prepared particles was 0.94 μm. For the maximum brightness of YAG:Tb particles, the doping concentration of Tb was 2.5 at.% and the optimum post-treatment temperature was 1400°C. The photoluminescence brightness of particles post-treated at 1400°C was in the same order comparing to that of the commercial product.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1855-1858
Number of pages4
JournalJournal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - 1999 Nov
Externally publishedYes

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Support from the Ministry Education, Culture and Science of Japan (Grant No. 10650745) and the Hiroshima Industrial Technology Organization are gratefully acknowledged. One of us (Y.C.K.) thanks the KOSEF (Korea Science and Engineering Foundation) for his postdoctoral fellowship.

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