Photoprotective effects of topical ginseng leaf extract using Ultraflo L against UVB-induced skin damage in hairless mice

Yang Hee Hong, Hyun Sun Lee, Eun Young Jung, Sung Hee Han, Yooheon Park, Hyung Joo Suh

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Background Abnormal activation of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) plays an important role in UV-induced wrinkle formation, which is a major dermatological problem. This formation occurs due to the degeneration of the extracellular matrix (ECM). In this study, we investigated the cutaneous photoprotective effects of Ultraflo L treated ginseng leaf (UTGL) in hairless mice. Methods SKH-1 hairless mice (6 weeks of age) were randomly divided into four groups (8 mice/group). UTGL formulation was applied topically to the skin of the mice for 10 weeks. The normal control group received nonvehicle and was not irradiated with UVB. The UV control (UVB) group received nonvehicle and was exposed to gradient-UVB irradiation. The groups (GA) receiving topical application of UTGL formulation were subjected to gradient-UVB irradiation on 0.5 mg/cm2 [GA-low (GA-L)] and 1.0 mg/cm2 [(GA-high (GA-H)] of dorsal skin area, respectively. Results We found that topical treatment with UTGL attenuated UVB-induced epidermal thickness and impairment of skin barrier function. Additionally, UTGL suppressed the expression of MMP-2, -3, and -13 induced by UVB irradiation. Our results show that topical application of UTGL protects the skin against UVB-induced damage in hairless mice and suggest that UTGL can act as a potential agent for preventing and/or treating UVB-induced photoaging. Conclusion UTGL possesses sunscreen properties and may exhibit photochemoprotective activities inside the skin of mice. Therefore, UTGL could be used as a potential therapeutic agent to protect the skin against UVB-induced photoaging.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)456-462
Number of pages7
JournalJournal of Ginseng Research
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2017 Oct


  • Ultraflo L
  • cosmeceutical
  • ginseng leaf
  • matrix metalloproteinases
  • photodamage

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