Phylogenetic Systematics and Biogeography of the Neoephemeridae (Ephemeroptera: Pannota)

Y. J. Bae, W. P. McCafferty

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A revision of species of the pannote Holarctic and Oriental mayfly family Neoephemeridae is presented. Three genera are recognized in a strictly phylogenetic classification. Potamanthellus [=Neoephemeropsis Ulmer syn. n.] includes P. caenoides (Ulmer) comb, n., P. amabilis (Eaton) [=N. cuaraoensis Dang syn. n.], P. ganges sp. n., P. chinensis (Hsu) [=P. rarus (Tiunova and Levanidova) syn. n.], P. edmundsi sp. n., and the Oligocene fossil Potamanthellus rubiensis Lewis. Neoephemera [=Leucorhoenanthus Lestage syn. n.] includes N. maxima (Joly), N. purpurea (Traver), N. youngi Berner, N. bicolor McDunnough, and N. compressa Berner. Ochernova gen. n., includes O. tshernovae (Kazlauskas) comb. n. Taxa are described, illustrated and keyed. Species cladistics and biogeography are presented.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)35-68
Number of pages34
JournalAquatic Insects
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1998
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We wish to thank G. Edmunds (Salt Lake City), W. Peters (Tallahassee), and H. Strümpel (Hamburg) for allowing examination of their collections. The following provided additional materials: S. Brooks (London), K. Günther (Berlin), T. Jazdzewska (Lodz), N. Kluge (St. Petersburg), K. Methven (Champaign, Illinois), and T. Tiunova (Vladivostok); and S. Andrikovics (Eszterházy), U. Aspöck (Vienna), C. Belfiore (Naples), L. Berner (Gainesville, Florida), D. Braasch (Potsdam), D. Chun (St. Petersburg), D. Dudgeon (Hong Kong), D. Goodger (London), H. Gui (Nanjing), S. Ishiwata (Kanagawa, Japan), S. Kang (Taichung, Taiwan), J. Legrand (Paris), S. Lewis (St. Cloud, Minnesota), M. Klonowska-Olejnik (Krakáw), M. Sartori (Lausanne), F. Stehr (East Lansing, Michigan), A. Thomas (Toulouse), J. van Tol (Leiden), and N. Watanabe (Kagawa, Japan) provided useful information. Vietnamese translation was provided by staff at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. Drawings were by S. Park (Seoul). The manuscript was critically read by C. Lugo-Ortiz and T. Wang (West Lafayette) and W. Peters (Tallahassee). Research was supported by Non-Directed Research Fund, Korea Research Foundation provided to the first author in 1994, and the paper has been assigned Purdue Agricultural Research Program Journal Number 15028.


  • Biogeography
  • Ephemeroptera
  • Neoephemeridae
  • Phylogeny
  • Species revision

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