Policy network analysis the legislation process for medical privatization in Korea

Kichan Yoon, Mankyu Choi, Munjae Lee

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Objectives: This study aims to analyze the structural changes of the policy network to examine the cause of the policy failure of medical privatization in South Korea and anticipate the direction of structural change for future legislative success. Methods: We employed a two-mode network analysis to analyze the stakeholders and issues in the process of medical privatization. NetMiner 4.0 was used to analyze the policy network. Data for the analysis were obtained from the Korea Integrated Newspaper Database System (KINDS) (www.kinds.or.kr). Results: The Ministry of Health and Welfare shifted from a position of opposition to support of medical privatizationduring the policy deliberation period, and Blue House emerged as a core actor in the network center. This is because the competent law complies with the enforcement rules of the applicable medical law regarding the privatization of health and medical treatment; the rules change to align with the competent authorities under the applicable law. Conclusions: Medical privatization in South Korea failed to be enacted into legislation because it could not gain public support and insisted only on government-led political flow. Accordingly, an arbitrator is needed between the groups favoring and opposing medical privatization legislation. The Ministry of Health and Welfare needs a common issue that would interest both groups. A new approach is needed to succeed in medical privatization legislation, which can lead to the fourth industrial revolution rather than the unconditional opposition to medical privatization. Public Interest Summary: medical privatization legislation has not been successful in South Korea. We investigate the major actors in this process using Social Network Analysis. Institutions that shift position on issues may be mediators for future confrontations.

Original languageEnglish
Article number100654
JournalHealth Policy and Technology
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2022 Sept

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  • Korea
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  • Medical privatization
  • Network analysis

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