Potassium ion-selective membrane electrodes based on 1,3-alternate calix[4] crown-5-azacrown-5

Sungeun Kim, Hasuck Kim, Kwan Ho Noh, Seoung Ho Lee, Sung Kuk Kim, Jong Seung Kim

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A series of 1,3-alternate calix[4]azacrown ethers for which the monoaza and unsymmetrical crowned-azacrown with different side arms were examined as an ionophore for ion-selective polymeric membrane electrode toward potassium ion. Among them, the electrode based on calix[4] crown-5-azacrown-5 with a phenyl group exhibited near Nernstian response for K+ ions over a wide concentration range (1 × 10-5 to 1 × 10-1 M) with a limit of detection of 2 × 10-6 M. It has a fast response time of approximately 2-3 s and can be used for at least 2 months without observing any major deterioration. Selectivity coefficients indicated that interference from all common alkali, alkaline and transition metal ions was very small.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)709-716
Number of pages8
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 2003 Dec 4
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The authors wish to acknowledge the financial support of a Grant (No. M20106000044-02B0500-03910 from KISTEP for J.S. Kim and No. R01-1999-000-00036-0 from the Basic Research Program of the KOSEF for H. Kim) and the Center for Molecular Catalysis of Seoul National University.


  • Calix[4]azacrown ether
  • Potassium ion-selective electrode
  • Potentiometric detection

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