Precise and safe pulmonary segmentectomy enabled by visualizing cancer margins with dual-channel near-infrared fluorescence

Ok Hwa Jeon, Kai Bao, Kyungsu Kim, Haoran Wang, Shinya Yokomizo, G. Kate Park, Byeong Hyeon Choi, Jiyun Rho, Chungyeul Kim, Hak Soo Choi, Hyun Koo Kim

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BACKGROUND: Segmentectomy is a type of limited resection surgery indicated for patients with very early-stage lung cancer or compromised function because it can improve quality of life with minimal removal of normal tissue. For segmentectomy, an accurate detection of the tumor with simultaneous identification of the lung intersegment plane is critical. However, it is not easy to identify both during surgery. Here, the authors report dual-channel image-guided lung cancer surgery using renally clearable and physiochemically stable targeted fluorophores to visualize the tumor and intersegmental plane distinctly with different colors; cRGD-ZW800 (800 nm channel) targets tumors specifically, and ZW700 (700 nm channel) simultaneously helps discriminate segmental planes. METHODS: The near-infrared (NIR) fluorophores with 700 nm and with 800 nm channels were developed and evaluated the feasibility of dual-channel fluorescence imaging of lung tumors and intersegmental lines simultaneously in mouse, rabbit, and canine animal models. Expression levels of integrin αvβ3, which is targeted by cRGD-ZW800-PEG, were retrospectively studied in the lung tissue of 61 patients who underwent lung cancer surgery. RESULTS: cRGD-ZW800-PEG has clinically useful optical properties and outperforms the FDA-approved NIR fluorophore indocyanine green and serum unstable cRGD-ZW800-1 in multiple animal models of lung cancer. Combined with the blood-pooling agent ZW700-1C, cRGD-ZW800-PEG permits dual-channel NIR fluorescence imaging for intraoperative identification of lung segment lines and tumor margins with different colors simultaneously and accurately. CONCLUSION: This dual-channel image-guided surgery enables complete tumor resection with adequate negative margins that can reduce the recurrence rate and increase the survival rate of lung cancer patients.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2625-2635
Number of pages11
JournalInternational Journal of Surgery
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 2024 May 1

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