Preoperative evaluation of gastric cancer: Value of spiral CT during gastric arteriography (CTGA)

H. S. Kim, H. Y. Han, J. A. Choi, C. M. Park, I. H. Cha, K. B. Chung, Y. J. Mok

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    Background: To evaluate the utility of dual-phase spiral computed tomography during gastric arteriography (CTGA) in the preoperative staging of gastric cancers. Methods: We performed CTGA in 21 patients with pathologically proven gastric cancers. CTGA findings were prospectively analyzed and correlated with surgical and pathologic findings. Dual-phase scans were performed at 10 s (early) and 60-100 s (delayed) after injection of 120 mL of contrast medium at an injection rate of 6 mL/s through a preset 5-Fr catheter positioned in the celiac trunk. Spiral CT scans were assessed for enhancing pattern of the normal gastric wall, tumor detectability, and accuracy of tumor staging. Results: Normal gastric mucosa was clearly visible as two or three layers in all patients on early-phase scans and in eight patients on delayed-phase scans. The primary tumors were correctly detected with CTGA in seven (88%) of the eight early gastric cancers and in all 13 (100%) advanced gastric cancers. The accuracy of CTGA for T staging was 50% and 77% in early and advanced gastric cancers, respectively. The overall accuracy for tumor detection and T staging was 95% and 67%, respectively. The accuracy of CTGA for the degree of serosal invasion and regional lymph node metastasis was 77% and 76%, respectively, Conclusion: The CTGA technique improved tumor detection rate and accuracy of tumor staging, especially in early gastric cancer, and may be very useful in the preoperative staging of gastric cancer.

    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)123-130
    Number of pages8
    JournalAbdominal Imaging
    Issue number2
    Publication statusPublished - 2001


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