Promotion of N2O decomposition by Zr4+-doped CeO2 used as support of Rh catalyst

Min Jae Kim, Hye Jeong Kim, Seung Jae Lee, In Soo Ryu, Hyung Chul Yoon, Ki Bong Lee, Sang Goo Jeon

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A series of Ce1-xZrxO2 -supported Rh catalysts was prepared and their catalytic efficiencies for N2O decomposition was determined in the 200–400 °C range. The activity of this catalytic system was found to be largely influenced by the Ce:Zr weight ratio. The Rh/Ce-ZrO2 catalyst with a small amount of ZrO2 showed a significantly improved activity performance than the Rh/CeO2 catalyst, particularly when O2 or H2O were present in the feed gas of N2O. H2 temperature-programmed reduction and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy studies showed that the incorporation of Zr4+ in the CeO2 lattice used as support of Rh catalyst improved Rh dispersion and redox ability, and stabilized Rh3+ species on the catalyst surface.

Original languageEnglish
Article number105764
JournalCatalysis Communications
Publication statusPublished - 2019 Oct

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This work was conducted under the framework of the Research and Development Program of the Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER) ( B9-2451-13 ).

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  • Ce–ZrO support
  • HO-tolerance in deNO
  • NO decomposition
  • Rh catalyst

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