Resveratrol Ameliorates Contrast Induced Nephropathy Through the Activation of SIRT1-PGC-1α-Foxo1 Signaling in Mice

Yu Ah Hong, So Yeon Bae, Shin Young Ahn, Jieun Kim, Young Joo Kwon, Woon Yong Jung, Gang Jee Ko

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Background/Aims: SIRT1 activation promotes the resistance of renal tubular cells to oxidative stress, and resveratrol is known as a SIRT1 activator. Methods: Resveratrol was injected intraperitoneally with iohexol for 24 hours. NRK-52E cells were pretreated with resveratrol for 24 hours and then exposed to iohexol for 3 hours. Renal function was measured by serum creatinine and cell survival was assessed by MTT assay. We investigated whether resveratrol attenuates oxidative stress and apoptosis in contrast-induced nephropathy (CIN). Results: Serum creatinine and tubular injury increased significantly after iohexol treatment, and resveratrol co-treatment attenuated the renal injury. Cell survival decreased after iohexol exposure and resveratrol reduced cell death induced by iohexol. Resveratrol was accompanied with the activation of SIRT1 and PGC-1α and dephosphorylation of FoxO1 in mice with CIN. SIRT1 and PGC-1α expression were decreased by iohexol, and increased significantly in resveratrol-pretreated cells. These processes resulted in reduction of oxidative stress and apoptosis both in vivo and in vitro experiments. Resveratrol decreased inflammatory cell infiltration induced by iohexol in mice with CIN. SIRT1 inhibition using siRNA in tubular cells accentuated the decrease of cell viability by iohexol. Conclusion: Resveratrol attenuated CIN by modulating renal oxidative stress and apoptosis through activation of SIRT1-PGC-1α-FoxO1 signaling.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)641-653
Number of pages13
JournalKidney and Blood Pressure Research
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2017 Dec 1
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  • Acute kidney injury
  • Apoptosis
  • Contrast media
  • Oxidative stress
  • Resveratrol
  • SIRT1

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