Role of cardiac computed tomography in the diagnosis of left ventricular myocardial diseases

Sung Min Ko, Sung Ho Hwang, Hye Jeong Lee

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Multimodality imaging is indicated for the evaluation of left ventricular (LV) myocardial diseases. Cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) allows morphological and functional assessment of the LV along with soft tissue characterization. Technological advances in cardiac computed tomography (CT) have led to the development of techniques for diagnostic acquisition in LV myocardial disease. Cardiac CT facilitates the characterization of LV myocardial disease based on anatomy, function, and enhancement pattern. LV regional and global functional parameters are evaluated using multi-phasic cine CT images. CT myocardial perfusion facilitates the identification of hemodynamically significant coronary artery stenosis. Cardiac CT with delayed enhancement is used to detect myocardial scarring or fibrosis in myocardial infarction and non-ischemic cardiomyopathy, and for the measurement of extracellular volume fraction in non-ischemic cardiomyopathy. In this review, we review imaging techniques and key imaging features of cardiac CT used for the evaluation of myocardial diseases, along with CMR findings.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)73-92
Number of pages20
JournalJournal of Cardiovascular Imaging
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2019 Apr

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