Seismic performance of a 1: 15-scale 25-story RC flat-plate core-wall building model

Han Seon Lee, Kyung Ran Hwang, Youn Ho Kim

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Earthquake simulation tests were conducted on a 1:15-scale 25-story building model to verify the seismic performance of high-rise reinforced-concrete flat-plate core-wall building structures designed per the recent seismic code KBC 2009 or IBC 2006. The following conclusions can be drawn from the test results: (1) The vertical distribution of acceleration during the table excitations revealed the effect of the higher modes, whereas free vibration after the termination of the table excitations was governed by the first mode. The maximum values of base shear and roof drift during the free vibration are either similar to or larger than the values of the maximum responses during the table excitation. (2) With a maximum roof drift ratio of 0.7% under the maximum considered earthquake in Korea, the lateral stiffness degraded to approximately 50% of the initial stiffness. (3) The crack modes appear to be a combination of flexure and shear in the slab around the peripheral columns and in the coupling beam. Energy dissipation via inelastic deformation was predominant during free vibration after the termination of table excitation rather than during table excitation. Finally, (4) the walls with special boundary elements in the first story did not exhibit any significant inelastic behavior, with a maximum curvature of only 21% of the ultimate curvature, corresponding to an ultimate concrete compressive strain of 0.00638m/m intended in the displacement-based design approach.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)929-953
Number of pages25
JournalEarthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 2015 May 1


  • Earthquake simulation test
  • Flat plate
  • Reinforced-concrete
  • Special shear wall

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