Simultaneous realization of high d33 and large strain in (K,Na,Li) (Nb,Sb)O3-(Ca,Sr)ZrO3 materials and their application in piezoelectric actuators

Hero Kim, Dae Su Kim, Seok June Chae, Su Hwan Go, Sun Woo Kim, Dong Gyu Lee, Hyun Cheol Song, Eun Ji Kim, Jae Min Eum, Sahn Nahm

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A pseudocubic-tetragonal-orthorhombic (PC-T-O) multi-structure was developed in the 0.96(K0.5Na0.47Li0.03) (Nb0.92Sb0.08)O3-0.04(Ca0.5Sr0.5)ZrO3 [(KN0.47L0.03)NS-CSZ] lead-free piezoceramic. The PC structure observed in this sample was deemed to have an R3m rhombohedral structure. This sample demonstrated a large d33 (560 pC/N) owing to the existence of the PC-T-O multi-structure. The (KN0.47L0.03)NS-CSZ thick film also exhibited a large d33 (560 pC/N) and strain (0.19% at 4.0 kV/mm). The large strain was sustained even after the application of 106 electric-field cycles. Therefore, the (KN0.47L0.03)NS-CSZ thick film exhibited excellent fatigue characteristics and was utilized to fabricate a planar-type actuator, which achieved a large displacement (300 μm) and acceleration (872 G) at 125 V/mm. A cantilever-type multilayer actuator was also prepared using five layers of the (KN0.47L0.03)NS-CSZ thick film and demonstrated a large displacement (3500 μm) and acceleration (42.96 G) at 250 V/mm. Therefore, the (KN0.47L0.03)NS-CSZ thick film is a good candidate for fabricating various piezoelectric actuators.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)34443-34454
Number of pages12
JournalCeramics International
Issue number24
Publication statusPublished - 2021 Dec 15

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This work was supported by the Technology Innovation Program of the MOTIE / KEIT grant funded by the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy (MOTIE , Korea) (Project No. 20008775 , Development of display integrated surface vibration and eco-friendly Pb-free piezoelectric materials and application technology), and the Technology Innovation Program of MOTIE / KEIT (Project No. 20010938 , Development of 630 V high-capacity MLCC materials and components for power trains). We also thank the KU–KIST graduate school Program of Korea University .

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  • (C) piezoelectric properties
  • (D) perovskite
  • (E) actuator
  • A) tape casting
  • Lead-free

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