Slippery, Water-Infused Membrane with Grooved Nanotrichomes for Lubricating-Induced Oil Repellency

Young A. Lee, Seohyun Cho, Seounkyun Choi, O. Chang Kwon, Sun Mi Yoon, Seong Jin Kim, Kyoo Chul Park, Seok Chung, Myoung Woon Moon

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Water, abundant and ubiquitous in nature, is an easy yet powerful resource for the creatures to survive by putting together with their topologies interfacing their living environment. Here, a slippery, water-infusing surface (SWIS) that retains a thick and stable water layer on the membrane is presented, robustly maintaining the oil repellency against the pressure and friction of immiscible liquids. Inspired by the plant trichome structures and their function, grooved nanotrichome, formed on the fibrous membrane by the oxygen plasma etching, induces robust water lubrication on the SWIS. SWIS membrane repels and separates highly viscous and adhesive oils in air and underwater by preventing oils from adhering to the lubricating surface. Repeated tests both in air and underwater confirm the antiadhesion and self-cleaning properties of the SWIS. The SWIS oil scooper, fixed on a frame with a handle, successfully collects spilled oil on a pilot-scale oil spill site and a real ocean oil spill site by simply scooping and recovering the oil. In addition, SWIS membrane is expected to help protect environments with further applications such as oil-wastewater treatment and oil separation in food.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2103950
JournalAdvanced Science
Issue number13
Publication statusPublished - 2022 May 5

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  • SWIS oil scooper
  • grooved nanotrichome
  • slippery water infused membrane
  • thick and stable water lubrication layer

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