Sound event detection by pseudo-labeling in weakly labeled dataset

Chungho Park, Donghyeon Kim, Hanseok Ko

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Weakly labeled sound event detection (WSED) is an important task as it can facilitate the data collection efforts before constructing a strongly labeled sound event dataset. Recent high performance in deep learning-based WSED’s exploited using a segmentation mask for detecting the target feature map. However, achieving accurate detection performance was limited in real streaming audio due to the following reasons. First, the convolutional neural networks (CNN) employed in the segmentation mask extraction process do not appropriately highlight the importance of feature as the feature is extracted without pooling operations, and, concurrently, a small size kernel forces the receptive field small, making it difficult to learn various patterns. Second, as feature maps are obtained in an end-to-end fashion, the WSED model would be weak to unknown contents in the wild. These limitations would lead to generating undesired feature maps, such as noise in the unseen environment. This paper addresses these issues by constructing a more efficient model by employing a gated linear unit (GLU) and dilated convolution to improve the problems of de-emphasizing importance and lack of receptive field. In addition, this paper proposes pseudo-label-based learning for classifying target contents and unknown contents by adding ’noise label’ and ’noise loss’ so that unknown contents can be separated as much as possible through the noise label. The experiment is performed by mixing DCASE 2018 task1 acoustic scene data and task2 sound event data. The experimental results show that the proposed SED model achieves the best F1 performance with 59.7% at 0 SNR, 64.5% at 10 SNR, and 65.9% at 20 SNR. These results represent an improvement of 17.7%, 16.9%, and 16.5%, respectively, over the baseline.

Original languageEnglish
Article number8375
Issue number24
Publication statusPublished - 2021 Dec 1


  • Dilated convolution
  • Gated linear unit (GLU)
  • Noise label
  • Noise loss
  • Segmentation mask
  • Weakly labeled sound event detection (WSED)

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