Stability Analysis of the Rapid Heating Multilayer Structure Mold by the Contact Error and Thickness of Layers

Hyeonmin Lee, Youngbae Ko, Woochun Choi

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Rapid heating of the mold surface is necessary for the high-gloss, high-productivity injection molding process. A rapid heating mold system that uses a carbon nanotube (CNT) as a heating element was investigated because of its structure. For CNT web film to be utilized in the injection molding process, heating must be applied inside the mold. That can cause poor contact at the contact area between the mold and the CNT heating element, leading to local temperature deviation and resistance changes that reduce the heating stability of the CNT surface element. Additionally, the multilayer structure of the CNT web film can cause heat-transfer performance variations due to the different layer thicknesses. To address these issues, an adjustable flush was constructed at the contact area between the electrode inside the mold and the insulator to analyze the heating behavior of the CNT heating element as a function of dimensional deviation. The thermal durability of the CNT web film was also evaluated by analyzing the Raman spectra and measuring resistance changes caused by local overheating. The film can withstand high temperatures, with a flush limit value of 0.3 (Formula presented.). An optimization analysis was conducted to determine the ideal thicknesses of the multilayer CNT web film, insulator, and electrical insulator. Optimal layer thicknesses were found to be 10 (Formula presented.), 5 (Formula presented.), and 0.5 (Formula presented.), respectively. The main variables of the rapid heating mold required for application to the injection process were identified and reflected in the mold design to suggest directions for commercialization.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2813
JournalApplied Sciences (Switzerland)
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - 2024 Apr

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  • carbon nanotube
  • heat transfer
  • injection molding
  • optimization
  • RHCM

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