Structural, electrical, and optical properties of Zn-In-Sn-O films for silicon heterojunction solar cells

Seunghun Lee, Kwang Sun Ji, Hyomin Park, Sung Ju Tark, Sungeun Park, Jeong Chul Lee, Won Mok Kim, Yoonmook Kang, Hae Seok Lee, Donghwan Kim

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We investigated the structural, optical, and electrical properties of Zn-In-Sn-O (ZITO) films prepared by RF magnetron sputtering for silicon heterojunction solar cells. The effects of Zn addition on the properties of the as-grown films were examined. XRD patterns of the ZITO films deposited at room temperature showed a broad peak. The cross-sectional TEM image of ZITO films at low Zn levels exhibited a typical fine or nanostructure embedded in an amorphous phase. On the other hand, at higher Zn addition, the films exhibited a completely amorphous phase. The carrier concentration decreased with increasing Zn content. The lowest electrical resistivity of 5.5 × 10-4 Ω cm was observed for a ZITO film with 4.83 Zn at.%. All ZITO films grown in this study showed transmittance of over 80% in the visible and near-infrared spectral range. The absorption was less than 5% in the visible region.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)233-237
Number of pages5
JournalThin Solid Films
Publication statusPublished - 2015 Aug 31

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This work was supported by the Human Resources Development program ( No. 20124030200120 ) and by the New & Renewable Energy ( No. 20133010011770 ) of the Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP), grant funded by the Korea government, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy . Also, this work was supported by the Korea University grant.

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  • Magnetron sputtering
  • Silicon solar cell
  • Transparent conducting oxide
  • Zinc indium tin oxide

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