Studies toward Morphological Changes of Silver/Carbon Fiber Composites and Their Optimization for High-Performance Electrochemical Electrodes

Taehan Yeo, Kyungmin Kim, Jaeho Lee, Byungseok Seo, Seonghyun Park, Wonjoon Choi

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The integration of micro/nanostructured metal/metal oxides with carbon-based materials has emerged as a promising approach for developing electrochemical electrodes. However, the fabrication of such hybrids entails complex and multistep procedures involving the grain boundaries and interfaces between the constituent materials, thus, degrading the overall performance. Herein, we report a facile electrothermal process (ETP) for the scalable fabrication of hybrid carbon fiber (CF) sheets integrated with tunable morphology of silver micro/nanoparticles. The application of an electric field across the layered film, consisting of AgNO3 and CF, enabled the rapid dissipation of thermochemical energy in an open-air environment via ETP. The ETP facilitated ultrafast heat dissipation within a few milliseconds, leading to the rapid decomposition of AgNO3, which resulted in the formation of liquefied Ag on the CF surface affording a reduced Ag-CF composite with adjustable structures through input power. The capability of ETP driven by controlling duration and number of electrical pulses was demonstrated by examining the corresponding physiochemical and electrochemical characteristics of the resulting composite. The Ag-CF composite fabricated using three cycles of a screened ETP pulse (1500 W and 75 ms for power and duration) acted as a supercapacitor electrode demonstrating excellent area capacitance (13 F/cm2) and exceptional capacitance retention (98% after 10,000 cycles). Thus, the utilization of ETP can provide manufacturing strategies enabling scalable synthesis of functional hybrids in vacuum-free ambient environments within milliseconds. These hybrids possess unique interfaces and particle boundaries, exhibiting considerable potential for diverse electrochemical applications.

Original languageEnglish
Article number8851270
JournalInternational Journal of Energy Research
Publication statusPublished - 2024

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