Study of ∑n interaction from the ∑p scattering experiment at J-PARC

K. Miwa, J. K. Ahn, Y. Akazawa, T. Aramaki, S. Ashikaga, S. Callier, N. Chiga, S. W. Choi, H. Ekawa, P. Evtoukhovitch, N. Fujioka, M. Fujita, T. Gogami, T. Harada, S. Hasegawa, S. H. Hayakawa, R. Honda, S. Hoshino, K. Hosomi, M. IchikawaY. Ichikawa, M. Ieiri, M. Ikeda, K. Imai, Y. Ishikawa, S. Ishimoto, W. S. Jung, S. Kajikawa, H. Kanauchi, H. Kanda, B. M. Kang, H. Kawai, S. H. Kim, K. Kobayashi, T. Koike, K. Matsuda, Y. Matsumoto, S. Nagao, R. Nagatomi, Y. Nakada, M. Nakagawa, I. Nakamura, T. Nanamura, M. Naruki, S. Ozawa, L. Raux, T. Rogers, A. Sakaguchi, T. Sakao, H. Sako, S. Sato, T. Shiozaki, K. Shirotori, K. N. Suzuki, S. Suzuki, M. Tabata, C. D.L. Taille, H. Takahashi, T. Takahashi, T. N. Takahashi, H. Tamura, M. Tanaka, K. Tanida, Z. Tsamalaidze, M. Ukai, H. Umetsu, T. O. Yamamoto, J. Yoshida, K. Yoshimura

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A high statistics ∑p scattering experiment has been performed at the K1.8 beamline in the J-PARC Hadron Experimental Facility. Data for momentum-tagged ∑- beam running in a liquid hydrogen target were accumulated by detecting the reaction with a high intensity π- beam of 20 M/spill. The number of the Σ- beam was about 1.7 107 in total. The ∑-ρ elastic scattering and the ∑-p → Λn inelastic scattering events were successfully observed with about 100 times larger statistics than that in past experiments.

Original languageEnglish
Article number012174
JournalJournal of Physics: Conference Series
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2020 Dec 23
Event27th International Nuclear Physics Conference, INPC 2019 - Glasgow, United Kingdom
Duration: 2019 Jul 292019 Aug 2

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We would like to express our thanks to the staffs of J-PARC for their support to provide beam during the beam time. They recovered the beam condition many times even after a magnet trouble in the accelerator. We performed a lot of test experiments at accelerator facilities in Tohoku university (CYRIC and ELPH). We would also like to express our thanks to the staffs of CYRIC and ELPH for their support to provide beam with the excellent condition during the beam time. This work was supported by JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number 23684011, 15H05442, 15H02079 and 18H03693. This work was also supported by Grants-in-Aid Number 24105003 and 18H05403 for Scientific Research from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology (MEXT) Japan.

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