Study on the performance of a ground source heat pump system assisted by solar thermal storage

Yu Jin Nam, Xin Yang Gao, Sung Hoon Yoon, Kwang Ho Lee

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A ground source heat pump system (GSHPS) utilizes a relatively stable underground temperature to achieve energy-saving for heating and cooling in buildings. However, continuous long-term operation will reduce the soil temperature in winter, resulting in a decline in system performance. In this research, in order to improve the system performance of a GSHPS, a ground heat pump system integrated with solar thermal storage was developed. This solar-assisted ground heat pump system (SAGHPS) can both maintain the balance of the soil temperature effectively and achieve higher system performance than the conventional system. In this paper, in order to examine the characteristics of the system, a dynamic simulation was conducted under various conditions. The results of our case study provide specific operation data such as heat exchange rate, heat source temperature, and heat pump COP. As a result, the heat pump COP of SAGHPS was 4.7%, 9.3% higher than that of the GSHPS.

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Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - 2015
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  • Case study
  • Ground source heat pump system
  • LCC
  • Simulation
  • Solar thermal storage

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