Synergetic effect of a battery-like nickel phosphide and a pseudocapacitive cobalt phosphide electrodes for enhanced energy storage

Moo Young Jung, Hyobeen Cho, Chanyong Lee, Yong Ju Yun, Suresh Kannan Balasingam, Yongseok Jun

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The development of high energy density supercapacitors is essential due to the increasing concerns about environmental pollution and the demand for energy storage systems. Although the commercial electrode for the supercapacitor is composed of an electric double layer capacitance (EDLC)-based carbon materials, other transition metal-based pseudocapacitive or battery-like materials have also been investigated by many researchers; the energy density value of these devices need subsequent improvement. In this study, we developed hybrid electrodes composed of metal-organic frame-derived cobalt phosphide (CoP) and electrodeposited nickel phosphide (NiP) materials on nickel foam (NF). This hybrid electrode shows a high energy density value due to the combination of a pseudocapacitive CoP with a battery-like NiP material. The NiP/CoP@NF electrode exhibits an enhanced specific capacitance of 1154.4 F g−1 at 1 A g−1, which are much higher than those of individual NiP@NF and CoP@NF. The asymmetric supercapacitor (ASC) exhibits an excellent energy density of 27.7 Wh kg−1 at a power density of 800 W kg−1 and long-term stability with capacitance retention of 86.36 % for up to 10,000 cycles, representing their remarkable energy storage performance when compared to the previously reported NiCoP-based ASCs.

Original languageEnglish
Article number107321
JournalJournal of Energy Storage
Publication statusPublished - 2023 Aug 30

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This work was supported by the Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP) granted financial resource from the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy, Republic of Korea (No. 20213091010020), and the National Research Foundation (NRF), which is funded by the Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning (NRF-2023R1A2C1003959), and Korea Institute of Planning and Evaluation for Technology in Food, Agriculture and Forestry (IPET) and Korea Smart Farm R&D Foundation (KosFarm) through Smart Farm Innovation Technology Development Program, funded by Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA) and Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT), Rural Development Administration (RDA) (421036-03).

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  • Asymmetric supercapacitor
  • Battery-type electrode
  • Cobalt phosphide (CoP)
  • Metal-organic framework (MOF)
  • Nickel phosphide (NiP)
  • Pseudocapacitor

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  • Renewable Energy, Sustainability and the Environment
  • Energy Engineering and Power Technology
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