Synergistic inhibitory effects of the oxyresveratrol and dacarbazine combination against melanoma cells


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Various therapies have been developed to target malignant melanoma, which is associated with a high mortality rate worldwide. Although dacarbazine (DTIC) is employed for treating melanoma, it is associated with several side effects. Hence, patients with melanoma are co-treated with additional drugs to mitigate the side effects of DTIC. In the present study, synergistic therapeutic effects of the DTIC/oxyresveratrol (ORT) combination were examined using the human malignant melanoma WM-266-4 cell line. Treatment with ORT and DTIC inhibited the proliferation of WM-266-4 cells. Compared with those in the ORT- and DTIC-treated groups, the proportion of cells arrested at the S phase, as well as apoptotic rates, were increased in the ORT and DTIC co-treatment group. In WM-266-4 cells, synergistic proliferation-inhibitory activities of the ORT/DTIC combination were assessed based on cell viability and migration, antioxidant capacity, cytokine production, cell cycle arrest, apoptotic rate and protein expression through WST-1 assay, wound healing assay, flow cytometry and western blotting. Furthermore, the expression levels of proteins, including NOTCH, involved in the pathogenesis of solid cancers, such as melanoma, were examined. Overall, the ORT/DTIC combination synergistically promoted cell cycle arrest at the S phase and the apoptosis of WM-266-4 cells. Thus, this combination treatment may serve as a novel therapeutic strategy for treating malignant melanoma.

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Article number12928
JournalOncology Letters
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2021 Sept

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The present study was supported by a grant from the National Research Foundation of Korea (grant no. NRF‑2015R1A2A2A0100650).

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