The 4th concept detector for the international linear collider

Sung Keun Park, Franco Grancagnolo, John Hauptman, Alexander Mikhailichenko, Nural Akchurin, Daniele Barbareschi, Emanuela Cavallo, Vito Di Benedetto, Corrado Gatto, Fedor Ignatov, Anna Mazzacane, Giovanni Tassielli, Giuseppina Terracciano, Antonio Lamberto, Gaetana Francesca Rappazzo, Ada Anania, Gianluca Introzzi, Franco Bedeschi, Roberto Carosi, Marco IncagliValter Bonvicini, Aldo Penzo, Irina Rashevskaya, Erik Vallazza, Gianluca Zampa, D. Cauz, C. Delpapa, G. Pauletta, M. Rossi, L. Santi, Sunghwan Ahn, Tae Jeong Kim, Kyong Sei Lee, Sorina Popescu, Laura Radulescu, Sezen Sekmen, Efe Yazgan, Mehmet Zeyrek, S. I. Bondarenko, A. N. Omeliyanchuk, A. A. Shablo, N. S. Scherbakova, N. M. Levchenko, Muzaffer Atac, Marcel Demarteau, Ingrid Fang, Stephen R. Hahn, Caroline Milstene, Erik Ramberg, Robert Wands, Ryuji Yamada, G. P. Yeh, Anatoli Frishman, Jerry Lamsa, Sehwook Lee, Norio Nakagawa, German Valencia, Heejong Kim, Sungwon Lee, Mario Spezziga, Igor Volobouev

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The 4th Concept detector presently being designed for the International Linear Collider introduces several innovations in order to achieve the necessary experimental goal of a detecter that is 2-to-10 times better than the already excellent SLC and LEP detectors. We introduce a dual-readout calorimeter system, a cluster counting drift chamber, and a second solenoid to return the magnetic flux without iron. We discuss particle identification, momentum and energy resolutions, and the machine-detector interface that together offer the possibility of a very high-performance detector for e+e -physicsup to √s = 1 TeV.

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2007
Event23rd International Symposium on Lepton-Photon Interactions at High Energy, LP 2007 - Daegu, Korea, Republic of
Duration: 2007 Aug 132007 Aug 18


Other23rd International Symposium on Lepton-Photon Interactions at High Energy, LP 2007
Country/TerritoryKorea, Republic of

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics


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