The CMS RPC system overview

N. Darmenov, V. Genchev, P. Iaydjiev, S. Stoykova, G. Sultanov, R. Trayanov, A. Dimitrov, L. Litov, B. Pavlov, P. Petkov, A. Marinov, F. Thyssen, M. Tytgat, P. Verwillingen, N. Zaganidis, S. Akimenko, A. Ball, I. Crotty, R. Guida, A. SharmaW. Van Doninck, M. Abbrescia, G. Iaselli, M. Maggi, B. Marangelli, S. Nuzzo, G. Pugliese, F. Romano, G. Roselli, R. Trentadue, S. Tupputi, A. Colaleo, F. Loddo, A. Ranieri, N. Cavallo, A. Cimmino, C. Sciacca, F. Fabozzi, D. Lomidtze, P. Paolucci, L. Benussi, M. Bertani, S. Bianco, S. Colafranceschi, F. L. Fabbri, Davide Piccolo, P. Baesso, D. Pagano, S. P. Ratti, P. Vitulo, C. Viviani, C. Avila, C. Carrillo, B. Gomez, A. Ocampo, A. Osorio, J. C. Sanabria, G. Polese, T. Tuuva, K. Bunkowski, M. Cwiok, K. Doroba, A. Kalinowski, M. Konecki, J. Krolikowski, K. Kierzkowski, I. M. Kudla, W. Oklins, M. Pietrusinski, M. Bluj, T. Fruboes, M. Gorski, M. Kazana, M. Szleper, G. Wrochna, P. Zalewski, K. T. Poznik, W. Zabolotny, Y. Ban, S. J. Qian, Y. L. Ye, H. Hoorani, S. W. Cho, M. Jo, B. Hong, C. Kim, H. C. Kim, J. H. Kim, H. S. Lee, K. S. Lee, D. H. Moon, S. Park, H. B. Rhee, E. S. Seo, S. S. Shin, K. S. Sim, J. S. Lee, S. E. Lee

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The Muon System of the CMS experiment at CERN employees three different detector technologies - Drift Tube Chambers (DT) in the barrel part, Cathode Strip Chambers (CSC) in the endcaps and Resistive Plate Chambers (RPC) both in the barrel and the endcaps. TDs and CSCs serve as precise muon trajectory measurement devices. The RPCs are responsible for the bunch crossing identification and for a fast muon transverse momentum measurement. The total number of RPCs is 480 in the barrel and 756 in the endcaps, covering an area of about 3500 square meters. A brief overview of the system will be presented as well as some recent results about the system stability and performance.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publication7th International Conference of the Balkan Physical Union - Organized by the Hellenic Physical Society with Cooperation of the Physics Departments of Universities in Greece
Number of pages6
Publication statusPublished - 2010
Event7th International Conference of the Balkan Physical Union - Alexandroupolis, Greece
Duration: 2009 Sept 92009 Sept 13

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Other7th International Conference of the Balkan Physical Union


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