The optimal design of gas oven assembly line with the simulation and evolution strategy

Kyung Rok Kim, Hong Chul Lee

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In this paper, the case study for gas oven assembly line optimization is presented. The objective of study is to improve the assembly line based on simulation and evolution strategy, as optimization meta-heuristic method. The procedure for assembly line optimization is following. First, the contents of gas oven assembly line, such as process procedure, operation rule, and input parameters, would be defined, and assembly line is modelized as simulation model by the defined contents. Second, we design some alternatives to enhance the assembly line. Alternatives include determining optimal pallet number, conveyor velocity, operation rule of specific process and adding a buffer space in front of specific process. The detailed explainment of alternatives is written below. We apply the alternatives to simulation model to confirm wherther alternatives is effective at assembly line or not. These simulation methods can help to derive optimal solution in given time and cost. Finally, we get the optimal solution value, composed of above alternatives' association, by evolution strategy.

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2009
EventAsia Simulation Conference 2009, JSST 2009 - Shiga, Japan
Duration: 2009 Oct 72009 Oct 9


OtherAsia Simulation Conference 2009, JSST 2009


  • Evolution strategy
  • Meta-heuristic
  • Simulation

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