The Treatment Strategies for Failed Fixation of Intertrochanteric Fractures

Byung Woo Min, Kyung Jae Lee, Jong-Keon Oh, Chul Hyun Cho, Jae Woo Cho, Beom Soo Kim

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    Introduction: Despite the generally successful outcome of intertrochanteric fracture fixation, the treatment is challenging when fixation failure occurs. Some studies have reported a systemic treatment strategy for salvaging failed intertrochanteric fracture fixation. This prospective study with a retrospective review of data aimed to evaluate and validate the efficacy of an evidence-based protocol developed for the treatment of failed intertrochanteric fractures. Patients and methods:: Between 1997 and 2016, 83 patients who could be followed up for more than 1 year after treatment were enrolled at an academic medical centre. An evidence-based protocol was established in July 2008 and was implemented prospectively. The treatment protocol was determined keeping in mind the condition of the femoral head, the deformation of the fracture site and the bone defect. Clinical results were evaluated, and fracture union and femoral neck-shaft angle were evaluated radiographically for patients in valgus osteotomy and re-fixation subgroups. Results: The Pain score, leg length discrepancy, Koval score for ambulatory levels and modified Harris Hip Score showed statistically significant improvement after the implementation of the new protocol. The radiographic success rate was 73% (27 of 37 patients)in the pre-protocol group and 91% (42 of 46 patients)in the post-protocol group, which shows statistically significantly improvement. Conclusion: The new treatment strategy for failed intertrochanteric fracture fixation based on the condition of the femoral head, deformation of the fracture site and bone defect is successful based on clinical and radiographic results. Restoration of NSA of failed intertrochanteric fractures is a key factor for obtaining successful results.

    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 2019 Jan 1


    • fixation failure
    • Intertrochanteric fracture
    • systemic treatment strategy

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