Thermophysical Properties of Fe-Si and Cu-Pb Melts and Their Effects on Solidification Related Processes

Rada Novakovic, Donatella Giuranno, Joonho Lee, Markus Mohr, Simona Delsante, Gabriella Borzone, Fabio Miani, Hans Jörg Fecht

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Among thermophysical properties, the surface/interfacial tension, viscosity, and density/molar volume of liquid alloys are the key properties for the modelling of microstructural evolution during solidification. Therefore, only reliable input data can yield accurate predictions preventing the error propagation in numerical simulations of solidification related processes. To this aim, the thermophysical properties of the Fe-Si and Cu-Pb systems were analysed and the connections with the peculiarities of their mixing behaviours are highlighted. Due to experimental difficulties related to reactivity of metallic melts at high temperatures, the measured data are often unreliable or even lacking. The application of containerless processing techniques either leads to a significant improvement of the accuracy or makes the measurement possible at all. On the other side, accurate model predicted property values could be used to compensate for the missing data; otherwise, the experimental data are useful for the validation of theoretical models. The choice of models is particularly important for the surface, transport, and structural properties of liquid alloys representing the two limiting cases of mixing, i.e., ordered and phase separating alloy systems.

Original languageEnglish
Article number336
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2022 Feb

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  • Cu-Pb
  • Fe-Si alloys
  • Modelling
  • Molar volume
  • Short-range ordering
  • Surface tension
  • Viscosity

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