Treatment outcome of front-line systemic chemotherapy for localized extranodal NK/T cell lymphoma in nasal and upper aerodigestive tract

Seok Jin Kim, Byung Soo Kim, Chul Won Choi, Hee Yun Seo, Hye Ryoung Seol, Hwa Jung Sung, In Sun Kim, Chul Yong Kim, Kwang Yoon Jung, Jun Suk Kim

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We analysed the treatment outcome of localized extranodal NK/T cell lymphoma initially treated with CEOP-B chemotherapy based on the primary site of involvement (nasal cavity vs. upper aerodigestive tract) and treatment modality (chemotherapy vs. chemotherapy followed by radiotherapy. Forty-three patients newly diagnosed as extranodal NK/T cell lymphoma were analysed: 29 cases from nasal cavity/nasopharynx and 14 from upper aerodigestive tract. Twenty-six patients were treated with chemotherapy alone, while adjuvant radiotherapy was given to 17 patients. Overall response rate to front-line CEOP-B chemotherapy was 67.4% (29/43) and the complete remission (CR) rate was 44.2% (19/43). Median overall and disease-free survival was 26.87 months [95% confidence interval (CI) = 8.71 - 45.03] and 15.27 months (95% CI = 2.92 - 27.62). The responders (CR or partial response) to initial CEOP-B chemotherapy showed longer overall survival than non-responders (P = 0.0026). Local relapse was observed to be higher in the chemotherapy alone group compared to the chemoradiotherapy group. Adjuvant radiotherapy failed to improve survival; thus, the median disease-free survival of the chemotherapy and chemoradiotherapy groups was not different (P = 0.9101). There may be a tendency for better overall survival in group of upper aerodigestive tract lymphoma than the nasal cavity/nasopharynx group (P = 0.0643). However, front-line CEOP-B chemotherapy has a limited role and adjuvant radiotherapy failed to improve survival in localized extranodal NK/T cell lymphoma.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1265-1273
Number of pages9
JournalLeukemia and Lymphoma
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - 2006 Jul

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The Brain Korea 21 project and Korea University College of Medicine Grant supported this work.


  • Chemotherapy
  • Extranodal lymphoma
  • NK/T cell
  • Radiotherapy

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