Two-dimensional hole gas formation at the κ-Ga2O3 /AlN heterojunction interface

A. Y. Polyakov, V. I. Nikolaev, A. I. Pechnikov, E. B. Yakimov, S. Yu Karpov, S. I. Stepanov, I. V. Shchemerov, A. A. Vasilev, A. V. Chernykh, A. Kuznetsov, In Hwan Lee, S. J. Pearton

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Typically, semiconducting oxides and nitrides exhibit strong conductivity type asymmetries. In this work, we observed and interpreted the emergence of p-type conductivity at the κ-Ga2O3/AlN interface. Films of lightly Sn-doped -Ga2O3 were deposited by Halide Vapor Phase Epitaxy (HVPE) on AlN/Si templates. Capacitance-voltage (C-V), current-voltage (I-V) measurements on Ni Schottky diodes and Ti/Au Ohmic contacts deposited on the layer surface unexpectedly showed p-type-like behavior, while Electron Beam Induced Current (EBIC) images collected with different beam energies suggest that the EBIC collection occurs near the Ga2O3/AlN interface, which also implies the formation of a p-type layer at this interface. We modelled this effect, taking into account the difference in spontaneous electrical polarization of κ-Ga2O3 and AlN and this indicated a layer of two-dimensional holes can form at this interface. The possibility to detect this layer depends on the balance between the doping level and the thickness of the κ-Ga2O3.

Original languageEnglish
Article number168315
JournalJournal of Alloys and Compounds
Publication statusPublished - 2023 Mar 5

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The work at NUST MISiS was supported in part by the grant from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russian Federation (Agreement # 075-15-2022-1113 ). The international collaboration was enabled by the INTPART program at the Research Council of Norway via project No. 322382. The work at UF was performed as part of Interaction of Ionizing Radiation with Matter University Research Alliance (IIRM-URA), sponsored by Defense Threat Reduction Agency under award HDTRA1-20-2-0002 . The work at UF was also supported by NSF DMR 1856662 .

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  • AlN
  • GaO
  • Hole gas
  • Polytype

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