Unified statistical performance of FSO link due to the combined effect of weak turbulence and generalized pointing error with HD and IM/DD

Kug Jin Jung, Sung Sik Nam, Jinwoo Shin, Young Chai Ko

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In this paper, we set up the statistical channel model of ship-to-ship (or ship-to-shore) free space optical links considering generalized pointing error and weak turbulence. We combine various pointing error models with weak turbulence and derive the composite probability density functions (PDF) for each case of pointing error model. Also, using the similarity of the composite PDFs, we obtain a unified expression for the composite PDF. Furthermore, we conduct error rate analysis based on both intensity modulation and direct detection (IM/DD) and heterodyne detection (HD). At last, the numerical results confirm that the derived average error rate gives precise prediction on error rate.

Original languageEnglish
Article number9321161
Pages (from-to)476-483
Number of pages8
JournalJournal of Communications and Networks
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 2020 Dec

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This is an extended version of paper which was presented in CSCN (2019) [1]. Manuscript received October 17 2020; approved for publication October 26, 2020. This paper is specially handled by EIC and Division Editor with the help of three anonymous reviewers in a fast manner. This work was supported by a grant to Terahertz Electronic Device Research Laboratory funded by Defense Acquisition Program Administration, and by Agency for Defense Development(UD180025RD). K. -J. Jung and Y. -C. Ko are with the School of Electrical Engineering, Korea University, Seoul, South Korea, email: {kug0860, koyc}@korea.ac.kr. S. S. Nam is with the Electronic Engineering, Gachon University, South Korea, email: ssnam@gachon.ac.kr. J. Shin is with the Agency for Defense Development, Daejeon, South Korea, email: sjinu@add.re.kr. Y. -C. Ko and S. S. Nam are the corresponding authors. Digital Object Identifier: 10.23919/JCN.2020.000030

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  • Free space optical communication
  • Heterodyne detection
  • IM/DD
  • Pointing error
  • Weak turbulence

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  • Information Systems
  • Computer Networks and Communications


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