Visiting elective students at the University of Toronto from the Korea University Medical College

Duck-Sun Ahn

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    Objectives: The main goal of the international elective programme was to provide the Korean students with cross-cultural educational environment. Design: This programme was carried out on a voluntary basis during the summer vacation, rotating students through various clinical divisions in the teaching hospital. Setting: The University of Toronto. Subjects: Medical students from the Korea University Medical College. Results: The students found the student-teacher relationship to be much more open and liberal. Due to a different curricular structure, the Canadians have better clinical skills and problem-solving abilities in real clinical settings. The cultural differences perceived by the students during the elective programme led them to believe that educational reform in Korea imperatively requires curricular change, but more importantly, a change in our traditional psychological and behavioural traits which derive from Confucianism. Conclusions: Extreme politeness, passiveness and blind respect for teachers, which are encouraged by Confucianism, are not effective in higher education. All the elective students, as well as the Canadian preceptors, believe that this programme is an invaluable asset.

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    JournalMedical Education
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